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World of Macros needs testers!

Sat, Jul 24, 2010


We are currently looking for several volunteers to help run the site. You will basically just be adding new macros, testing user submitted macros and getting rid of ones that no longer work. Ideally we are looking for 1 person for each class.

Knowledge of using WordPress would be advantageous.

Interested? Get in touch!

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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Thu, May 20, 2010


Everbody Draw Mohammed Day is sparking a lot of controversy around the world today, as thousands of members of the Facebook group post their own visual representation of the Islamic prophet. The controversy all stems from an episode of South Park which originally depicted the prophet, but was later censored by Comedy Central before airing after they received death threats from Islamic extremists.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day is a protest against efforts to limit free speech, and it seems Facebook is playing it’s own role in limiting free speech – after already pulling the group before putting it back up again shortly after. It will be intesting to see if Google decides to pull the group again or not…

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New Guide and More Mage Macros

Sun, Feb 28, 2010


We have a new short guide available – Mouseover Target Macro.

Also, check out our new mage macros courtesy of Icesnake Frostfyre.

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Submit your own wow macros!

Sat, Feb 27, 2010


You can now submit your own wow macros and get them published right here.

Don’t forget to rate and leave your comments about any wow macros you use. Let us know how the macro helped down your latest kill!

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