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DMG buff. »

This macro is very effective if you’r getting attacked by both of your enemys in 2v2 areana. Or, ofcourse in 3v3 or 5v5.

Rend/Heroic Throw »

This macro is good for prot warriors, especially when in heroics, it not only charges and uses heroic throw, but it also shows your DPS what to attack.

Bloodthirst/ Bloodrage »

Casts Bloodthirst and Bloodrage.

Heroic Strike/ Berserker Rage »

This macro casts Heroic Strike and Berserker Rage. Works well if you have 2 points in Improved Berserker Rage.

Warrior Whirlwind/Cleave AOE »

This macro casts Whirlwind and Cleave.

Battle Stance/ Shattering Throw/ Berserker Stance »

First click: Battle Stance, Second click: casts Shattering Throw, Third click: Berserker Stance

Shield and Two Hander Swap »

Whilst in Berserker stance this swaps your shield with off hand two handed weapon and puts you into Defensive stance. Press again and the process is reversed.

Multimovement Macro »

Casts Charge on selected target if no modifier is pressed

Execute/Heroic Strike »

Will always try to Execute. If execute is not available it will use Heroic Strike.

Disarm »

If you’re in Defensive stance it will Disarm your target. If you are not in Defensive stance it will switch stances and another press will Disarm.