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Equip 2 x 2 Handed Weapons

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Equip 2 x 2 Handed Weapons, 4.7 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

Macro Description

This warrior macro is used to equip a two handed weapon in both your mainhand and offhand when you have titans grip.

Macro Code

/equipslot 16 [NAME OF YOUR MAINHAND]
/equipslot 17 [NAME OF YOUR OFFHAND]


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  1. kookaburra Says:

    Doesnt work

  2. kookaburra Says:

    If i type

    /equipslot 16 Reckoning
    /equipslot 17 Aesir’s Edge

    Then nothing happens but both the swords become “grey” in my bags and i cannot click them unless i relog.

    If i type

    /equipslot 16 [Reckoning]
    /equipslot 17 [Aesir's Edge]

    then i get error: Unknown macro option [Reckoning]
    Unknown macro option [Aesir's edge]

    Neither way is this working for me. Any suggestions?

  3. Roar Says:

    Well, This should work fine 100% if you has macroed:
    /equipslot 16 Reckoning
    /equipslot 17 Aesir’s Edge

    and btw 2hander macro = /equipslot 16 Shadowmourne ( etc )

  4. Tertran Says:

    Works great! I can now switch to a one hander and shield for when we need a tank to save the other DPS!

  5. Reiji Says:

    Works for me:xD Thanks

  6. Deristus Says:

    Works perfect for me.

    /cast [stance:2/3]Berserker Stance
    /equipslot 16 Wild Hammer
    /equipslot 17 Oversized Oblique Ogre Obliterator

  7. Crotox Says:

    it don’t work if you got the same weapens like this

    /equipslot 16 Ruthless Gladiator’s Bonegrinder
    /equipslot 17 Ruthless Gladiator’s Bonegrinder

  8. kain Says:

    it works fine for me, accept for when im in combat :/ any suggestions?

  9. nadav Says:

    where do you guys write the /equipd command?

  10. Slapzi Says:

    It works for me :)

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