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All in One Pet Abilities 2 »

Pet abilities all in one

All in One Pet Abilities 1 »

If you have a Succubus, it Seduces your focus. If you don’t have a focus, it Seduces your target. If you have a Voidwalker, it Sacrifices. If you have a Felhunter, it Spell Locks your focus. To Spell Lock your target, you hold alt. If you have a Felguard, it Intercepts.

Fel Domination Smart Summoning »

Will use Fel Domination to summon your felguard only if you are in combat, otherwise it will summon regularly. This can be applied to any pet by replacing “Felguard” with the name of the pet you wish to summon ie. “Felhunter”

Curse of Tongues on Focus »

Casts Curse of Tongues on your Focus target without losing your current target.

All In One Devour Magic »

Devour Magic all in one

Toggle Auto Devour Magic »

Activate/Desactivate auto devour magic of your Felhunter

Felhunter Attack/Devour Magic »

Pet attack and devour magic

Devour Magic Mouseover »

Devours magic on your mouseover target if you have one. Otherwise it will cast Devour Magic on you.

Spell Lock/Intercept Focus Macro »

Spell lock’s focus target if you have a Felhunter out. Intercepts focus if Felguard is out. If you have no focus target, it will simply Spell Lock/Intercept your target.

Devour Magic »

Devours magic on yourself if the macro is pressed. If shift is used during when the macro is pressed it will devour magic on your target.