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Rogue’s Leather Counter »

This macro is a simple macro for counting without going through your bags to count them yourself. some addons have a feature like this some don’t but this is one ANYBODY CAN USE FOR ANY PROFESSION.

Premeditation/ Shadowstep/ Ambush »

This macro (while in stealth) will cast Premeditation to Shadowstep to Ambush.

Vanish in Combat Otherwise Stealth »

If you are in combat the macro will attempt to vanish. If you are out of combat it will stealth.

Reliable Vanish »

Stops whatever you are doing and Vanishes. Basically it makes Vanish THAT MUCH more reliable.

Premeditation to Garrote »

Uses Premeditation then Garrotes on your current target.

Premeditation to Cheap Shot »

Uses Premeditation then Cheap Shots on your current target.

Full Preparation »

Blow all your preparable abilities before you use Preparation. This macro will not use Evasion if you are stealthed.

Clear Target/Sap »

This will clear your current target and re-target your closest visible target.

Smashable Sap Enemy »

This tries to target your nearest enemy and Sap them if you have no target selected.

Dismount/Smashable Sap Enemy »

This macro will dismount you, stealth you, and then try and sap a stealthed guy. So keep mashing this one when you suspect a stealther nearby.