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Focus Counterspell »

While you hold down your modifier (shift in my case) and use this macro, it will Counterspell your focused target, without switching your target.

Shields Up! »

A fun macro for mages; it casts Mana Shield and then, if you have a target, emotes a taunt at it. You can edit the taunts to suit yourself.

Arcane Blast and Trinkets »

Arcane Mage cast sequence for Arcane Blast; this mage macro starts by casting Icy Veins and Arcane Power if they are available, pops both trinkets, then simply repeats Arcane Blast 4 times….

Counterspell and Spellsteal »

If you’ve got a caster mob targeted and want to be sure you mess with his casting, this mage macro will steal any beneficial effect he’s cast, or stop him if he’s trying to cast something else.

Decurse Mouseover/Self »

Decurses the target your mouse is hovering over. Decurses your self if target is not friendly.

Decurse »

Decurses your target, or if you’re targeting an enemy it decurses you.

Fire Ward, Frost Ward or Ice Barrier »

Casts Fire ward while holding shift, Frost ward while holding control and otherwise Ice Barrier.

Polymorph / Focus Polymorph »

Cast Polymorph on your current target or hold down shift to cast it on your focus target.

Fast Blink »

Halts your current cast, and casts blink instead.

Summon Water Elemental then Attack »

Summon your Water Elemental it’s not already out and sets it to Passive. Using the macro again will cause your pet to Attack your current target.