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Hunter’s Mark/ Pet Attack »

Very simple but effective leveling macro – not suggested for raids…

Escaping – wing clip/disengage »

This will stop your attacks – as disengage always does.. so be preapred to hit an instant shot or autoattack when you wish to start dealing damage again.

All In One – Hunter Pet »

This hunter macro feeds your pet when you’re not in combat, heals it if you’re in combat, resses it if its dead, and calls it if its alive but not currently out.

Send Pet to Attack »

Sends your pet to attack your current target. Uses Dash or Dive when available.

Aspect of the Monkey Weapon Swap »

Equips your weapon that provides the most avoidance then puts up Aspect of the Monkey.

Aspect of the Hawk Weapon Swap »

Equips your two hander then puts up Aspect of the Hawk.

Aspect of the Viper Weapon Swap »

Equips your one handers then puts up Aspect of the Viper.

Hunter Weapon Swap »

Switches your weapons.

Feign Death/Drink »

Stops your pet from attacking, Feigns Death, Drinks and sends your pet back to attack your focus target.

Feign Death »

This hunter macro stops whatever you may be casting and casts Feign Death