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To Cat and Stealth »

Shift to Cat Form and stealth from any form (first line makes the macro display the Prowl cooldown)

Dire Bear and Equip »

Shift to Dire Bear From from any form, equip Warden Staff and Idol of Brutality only when you actually shift to Dire Bear.

Any Form/Mount to Dire Bear Form + Charge »

Switch Form and Charge.

Super Innervate »

Innervates you and uses your plus spirit trinket (remove the line: “/use Bangle of Endless Blessings” if you do not have the trinket) as well as equips a staff with spirit on it.

Druid Stealth Drink »

Ever since patch 3.0.2, druids were able to use items in shape shift form. Basically, you go cat form, drink/eat, and stealth. You can replace the honeymint tea with some other drink you want to use. Depending on how fast you click, you probably want to click the macro around 3-4 times.

Totem Killer »

Targets Shaman Totems (the highest priority target’s are at the end of the macro) and destroys them with Rank 1 Moonfire.

Innervate Self and Protect »

This will cast Innervate on yourself and put three Rank 1 Buffs to protect it. Macro must be pressed multiple times due to Global Cool Downs on each cast.

All Terrain Travel Forms »

Uses the appropriate travel form for your situation.

One Button Stun »

All your forms’ stuns on one button.

One Button Feral Charge »

Shifts you to Bear Form and Charges your current target. Requires mashing as you wait for Furor to tick.