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Multi-Purpose Death Coil »

Death coil with multi purpose, you can change the binds to your preference but in general it’s either basic keybind to Death Coil your target, Shift + Keybind to Death Coil your pet, or Control + Keybind to Death Coil yourself under the effects of Lichborne.

Diseases »

This macro is an easy way to keep up all your diseases and make sure that your pet is attacking your current target. It also adds pestilence for multi-target application.

Kill Target (frost) »

This macro is all out offense. It stacks as much necrotic as a frost DK can muster in the shortest amount of GCDs. After, it summons your ghoul, activates all offensive trinkets and abilities and gives you an immunity to stun effects.

Modified heal spell »

This macro I use for all my heal spells. When you press shift it allows you to cast on your focus, and when you dont use shift it casts on your current target.

Buffs (Unholy/Blood Orc DK) »

Casts your buffs in synchronization. Uses blood Fury for Orcs.

Chains »

Casts chains of ice on your target [defined by modifier] and keeps your pet on your current target.

Death Grip »

Death Grips your target or focus target, applies Chains of Ice, and has your pet attack your main target.

H.Lich »

This macro heals your ghoul with the modifier “shift”, or casts lichborne and heals yourself if there is no modifier.

Leap »

Makes your pet leap and gnaw the focus target, stunning the target and interrupting spell cast.

Necrotic Strike »

Uses Necrotic Strike and keeps your focus target in combat by casting Dark Command.