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Wow Mouseover Target Macro Guide

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Wow Mouseover Target Macro Guide, 3.0 out of 5 based on 25 ratings

Using a mouseover target macro is great for healing, but it is also very useful for casting instant abilities in battlegrounds and arena.

To create your first mouseover target macro simply use the code below and replace 'insertspellnamehere' with the spell you wish to use.

/cast [target=mouseover] insertspellnamehere

As a rogue, I find mouseover target macros very helpful in battleground when I need to blind someone I am not targeting.

If you are new to making wow macros, check out our Making your first wow macro guide.


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  1. Daniel Says:

    Hello i am trying to get a marco for mousing over a target and clocked it and then by clciking it it hits with a spell

  2. Restodruid Says:

    Thank you :)

  3. Evman Says:

    Some guide eh? :P
    Looking for a ‘mouseover’ else ‘target’ macro, but alas, no dice…

  4. Bishibosh Says:

    As a resto shammy im looking to make a mouseover that lets me click at my mouseoverd target and cast lightning bolt for ewasy amna regen, how would i do that?

  5. Naumana Says:

    Mouseover else target

    /cast [@mouseover,harm,exists][reset=target/dead]spellname;

  6. nopenope Says:


    try this:
    /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] SPELLNAME

    if it’s a spell you cast on enemies, switch out “help” for “harm”

  7. nopenope Says:

    oops, left out the crucial part!


    /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] SPELLNAME; SPELLNAME

  8. Nick S Says:

    Evman, you could do something like this:

    /cast [target=mouseover][] SpellName

  9. macroman Says:

    when creating a macro for more then one purpose your going to want to ues a semi-colon in between the seperate commands. this means in scripts and such “end of line” sort of like a ‘break’ command ..

    /cast [options] spell1; [moreoptions] spell2; [lastoption] spell3;

    if u observe this line the first line will cast spell1 if options is true, then, if options becomews not true and the macro is clicked again AND moreoptions is true, it will cast spell2, and finally if options+ moreoptions are both false, and lastoption is true, it will cast spell 3.

  10. linn Says:

    i just want to know if there is a macro to follow the selective target enemy !!! follow macro is not working for enemies only for alies soo if u can help me somehow i will appreciate !!

    thanks in advance

  11. Khryo Says:

    I play a warrior and I am needing macros for heroic leap and charge that includes battle shout and berserker rage.

  12. Beedtman Says:

    Guys you are all wrong…
    @Evman this will work out for your situation, i had the same problem and figured it out myself. This is for Blood fear, and it will cast at your mouseover if you have one, otherwise at your target.

    /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Blood Fear; Blood Fear

  13. devan Says:

    I need a mouse over to loot fish ?

  14. Ettglassaft Says:

    Does anyone know how to make a macro that:

    1. Sets mouseover target as Focus target and casts a spell
    2. If no target is “mouseovered”, it casts on focus target
    3. If you press shift (or any modifier) you cast it on your target

    I am apparently not made to make macros.

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